Dr Hans VanHeule graduated in 1992 from National College of Chiropractic in Chicago.  He has been in chiropractic practice in the North Carolina mountains where he had 2 clinics, in Boone and in Newland from 1993 until 2011. He is currently practicing in a chiropractic group in Charlotte, NC. 

Dr VanHeule grew up in a chiropractic family where his father and brother are chiropractors as well. 

Dr VanHeule 

at  Better Brain and Body

Dr VanHeule uses Sacro Occipital technique, a gentle chiropractic technique that looks at the relationship between the sacrum (base of the spine) and the occiput (base of the skull).

He also utilizes craniopathy which facilitates the movement and stresses between the bones in the skull to improve the flow of CSF (cerebro spinal fluid) throughout the brain and spinal cord. 

SOT and craniopathy has been shown to be very safe and beneficial for infants and older patients alike.

Because chiropractic philosophy is geared toward helping the body heal itself by removing the offending problem, whether mechanical, nutritional or even emotional-energetic, there are many conditions, too many to list, where chiropractic can be beneficial to restore good health.


Dr VanHeule teaches SOT at the SOTO-USA conferences and chiropractic colleges, and is an Adjunct Faculty member of Sherman College of Chiropractic teaching SOT.


Nutrition is also a large part of Dr VanHeule’s view of looking at the whole body for total health.

Not only does he analyze the body using questionnaires, saliva  and blood tests, but he approaches the problems with a functional medicinal approach: a scientific approach that not only asks the question ‘what is the body doing” but also ‘why is the body doing this', getting to the bottom of the problem and not just treating the symptom. He likes to just sit and talk and listen to his patient’s concerns and needs first. 

He and the patient then devise a working plan that everyone can live with and that optimizes the patient’s chances for a healthy lifestyle.